Imaxe de mozas e mozos para previr o acoso sexual e por razón de sexo

Against male violence against women


Sexual and gender-based harassment prevention protocol

Steps to follow should you be are aware of any situation of sexual or gender-based harassment:

  • Get in touch with the equality liaison of your centre or directly with the Equity Unit.
  • Report the facts to the Commission against Sexual Harassment (CAS).
  • The complaint can be presented by the person being harassed or by a third party who is aware of the situation. In the latter case, in order to initiate the procedure, the victim will have to ratify it.
  • File a complaint within three months after the harassment took place.
  • Who can file a complaint? Students, teaching and research staff (PDI), administrative and service staff (PAS), and other outsourced staff and people with administrative or private contracts.


Lilac Points

The lilac points are spaces where the public is made aware of university parties and other events, where information is given to those who need it and where people who report a male aggression are accompanied. 

This resource is an initiative of the Escola de Telecomunicación's Alumni Delegation. 

They also have an important symbolic function because they show the rejection of male violence and offer a space for support.  

Virtual Lilac Point

O punto lila virtual é un recurso para recoller consultas e queixas de acoso sexual ou de acoso por razón de sexo que poidan suceder en calquera espazo da Universidade de Vigo. 

A información trasládase de forma directa e confidencial á Unidade de Igualdade a través dun formulario virtual. 

Todas as cuestións atenderanse de forma preferente nun prazo máximo de 48 horas.

A través do formulario podes facer unha consulta ou trasladar unha queixa sobre unha posible situación de acoso sexual ou de acoso por razón de sexo en calquera espazo, físico ou virtual, da Universidade de Vigo. 

Os datos incluídos no formulario trataranse sempre de xeito confidencial. Cubrilo non supón unha denuncia formal nin implica a activación do Protocolo para a prevención e a sanción do acoso sexual e por razón de sexo da UVigo.

Preme no punto lila virtual para acceder ao formulario.


Logotipo do Punto Lila Virtual da Universidade de Vigo



Resources against gender-based violence


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