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Campus government

The Council of Pontevedra Campus is a collegiate body of representation and coordination



  • Manuel Joaquín Reigosa Roger
    Rector of the Universidade of Vigo


  • Jorge Genaro Soto Carballo
    Vicerector of Pontevedra Campus


  • Silvia García González
    Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Vicente Romo Pérez
    Dean of the Faculty of Sports Education Sciences
  • Xosé Manuel Baamonde Silva 
    Dean of the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences
  • Eva María Lantarón Caeiro
    Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy
  • Juan Picos Martín
    Director of the Forestry Engineering School



  • Marcos Dopico Castro
  • Ana Belén Fernández Souto
  • Álvaro Xosé López Mira
  • Purificación Marcet Miramontes
  • Sara Mª Torres Outón


  • Lucrecia María López Rubianes
  • Carlos Mollinedo Lois

  • Propose the implementation of new degrees to the competent body.
  • Encourage the acquision of buildings and land to develop teaching and research activities.
  • Promote services decentralization.
  • Participate in the development of campus-specific academic policies.
  • Ensure the creation and correct operation of the general services of the campus as well as to verify the quality of the services that are competence of other public institutions.
  • Promote institutional relations with local and regional organizations as well as to support the university in its environment.
  • Hold all the powers delegated to it by the Governing Council.
  • Appoint the commissions considered convenient to better perform their functions.

For further information:

Vicerrectorship of Pontevedra Campus
+34 986 802 080