cultura pontevedra

Cultura en Pontevedra

Cinematographic projections, poetic recitals, artistic expositions, conversas, colloquiums and gatherings, conferences, extension courses or workshops


Everything is part of the cultural offer promoted not campus of Pontevedra, both were members of the university community and was cidadancy in general. Precisely, in the next proximity of with the cities, most of these activities take place in the Conference Room of Casa de las Campanas in Room X, a showroom located at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Besides being a spectator, you dog also be the protagonist of this cultural activity. In order to promote the organization of activities and cultural events, or part of the campus of Pontevedra.

Para máis información, podes contactar coa Área de Servizos á Comunidade do Campus de Pontevedra  
+34 986 801 949