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mUVers, unbeatable spirit

Congratulations, mUVer, you're great. You have proved that you can handle anything and that you'll be a mUVer no matter what. No matter the season, nothing can stop you from leading a healthy life. You belong to a fascinating species that accepts challenges and breaks records... of hygiene, respect, keeping the distance and making it to the podium through all the stages. If you are not a mUVer yet, this is your chance to become great too. Join the movement, be a responsible mUVer, say #eusonmuveresponsable!

Unbeatable spirit. A woman in the pool.


All the advantages included in just one membership. The mUVer membership gives you access to all our cardio-fitness rooms, tennis courts, athletics track, group fitness classes… And to top it off, you get discounts on Sports Schools and activities that take place in nature.


Abono Muver 2021/2022

During the current academic year, we offer different fitness activities and access to sports schools, as well as the possibility to practise your favourite sport on your own in the university facilities (it's free for the UVigo community!). In addition, you can also make use of several facilities outside of the university thanks to collaboration agreements, which allow us to expand our activity program and provide you with a better service.


Mujer con mascarilla haciendo pesas sobre fondo naranja

 The aquatic activity program is split in two turns, one in autumn and another one in spring. The university community has the opportunity to enjoy acuatic sports for a day thanks to these activities. Besides traditional aquatic sports like rafting, surg, windsurf, kaiak, snorkel, hiking and flyboard, you can also enjoy wakeboard and scuba diving.


Augaventura 2021/2022

 Eleven hiking routes are organized throughout the academic year, with different levels of difficulty. These are aimed towards anybody interested in the activity itself or anyone who wants to learn about our natural and archaeological heritage. These routes often offer cultural, recreational or gastronomical activities in their endings, such as Magosto, a traditional autumn celebration where people collect and cook chestnuts. These routes, originally designed for the university community, are available for the general public. Moreover, the university provides a bus to take all participants from the university campus to the starting point of the hike and back.


Cultural routes 2021/2022

 ExploraCampus is an innovative programme that offers activities and resources for outdoor sports in the campuses of Vigo or Pontevedra. This programme will take place monthly and it includes activities such as trekking, cycling routes, geocaching, orienteering, trail running, and running meetings, among other activities.


Exploracampus 2021/2022


For more information, you can reach out to:

Vigo Campus
+34 986 813 626

Ourense Campus
+34 988 387 102

Pontevedra Campus
+34 986 801 949
+34 986 801 955