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Why UVigo?

The University of Vigo is an innovative institution that offers a wide range of courses and is located the cities of Ourense, Pontevedra and Vigo with three specialized campi.

A Young and Dinamic University

W change with you! New degrees, masters and doctoral programmes to meet the demands of society and the professional market. New teaching methods: virtual platforms for pnline classes, video conferencing... 

An International University

You will be able to carry out study exchanges with universities from the five continents, more than 700 students visit us within the framework of our international mobility programmes. You can take subjects that are taught entirely in English within the curriculum of our degrees. We also offer several degrees with an 80% of subjects taught in English.

A University for You

You will have a tutor who will help you with your career orientation. You will as well as have access to our Psychopedagogical Office to support your personal and social development within the academic world.

Culture, Sports and Social Compromise

Of course not everything is about studying, that's why we want to provide you with various oportunities: sports facilities, health and sports, university extension courses, cultural workshops, volunteering activities... 

Entreprenurial University

Through our entrepreneurship incubator, we encourage among our students to value their knowledge and ideas, which we turn into real companies. You will be able to establish your first contacts with the professional world throughout our internships. 

Training University

In order for you to acquire the complementary knowledge for your training, we offer you our training grants, in the diferent an diverse departments and offices of the Uvigo.

And so much more...

You have the possibility to study more than 12 different languages in our Centro de Linguas, a school specialized in teaching languages. There are more than 180 research groups you can become a part of. And do not forget that you can participate in many cultural activities scheduled throughout the year on the three campi.


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