Arriving in your new home

University Card



University card

Upon arrival at the Universidade de Vigo you, provided with his/her ID or Passport, will collect your university card at the headquarters of the issuing entity that are on campus (Ourense, Pontevedra or Vigo).This card will allow you to access the university essential services (library, wifi, email account).

Public transportation


If you are going to live in Vigo you can use your letter of acceptance to request your public transport card.

From applying for the card to receiving it at the address you have specified can take around 2-3 weeks, so it is convenient to request it before your arrival. 


If your destination city is Ourense, you must click on the following link to get your card.

Regarding transportation from outside the city centres, there are bus or train connections with the nearby cities. You can check all the information by clicking on these links:

Language courses

The Universidade de Vigo offers Spanish courses through the Languages Centre on a reduced fee for you. Check its website to find out the registration process.

We also offer free Galician courses through the Linguistics Normalization Area (Área de Normalización Lingüística).


You can find sports venues to develop your favourite physical activity in each of our campuses: fitness, swimming, tennis, basketball, chess, table tennis… In addition, the university is collaborating with a wide range of sports centres.

You may use the sports facilities under the same conditions as the university community.

Dining halls

On the three campuses we have cafeterias and restaurants where you can have a break or make your meals at affordable prices.



We offer you a service of babysitting while you are studying, working or enjoying your free time.