UVigo International Staff Week 2024

UVigo - Internacional 07/03/2024

Time: 6th to 10th of May, 2024

Location: Universidade de Vigo

Attendees: open to Academic and Administrative staff from Higher Education Institutions

Registration: free registration here (deadline: 15st May, 2024) 

In our modern globalised society, Higher Education Institutions are compelled to adopt internationalisation as a fundamental component of their mission and functioning.

The UVigo International Staff Week 2024: "Global Perspectives: Fostering Internationalisation in Higher Education" explores the complexities and advantages of embracing a comprehensive strategy towards internationalisation in today’s world.

The programme seeks to explore ways to integrate internationalisation across various aspects of the university, spanning from administrative frameworks to enhancing student mobility. During the Staff Week, participants will engage in daily sessions focused on specific topics, collaborating to examine methods for integrating internationalisation throughout the entire Higher Education ecosystem. Additionally, participants will have opportunities to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, exchanging best practices, experiences and perspectives.

The UVigo International Staff Week 2024 promotes an international dialogue, facilitating the exchange of diverse ideas and viewpoints, while equipping participants with the skills to navigate the dynamic ecosystem of Higher Education.


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