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For any of the modalities, here you have all the information you need to know to carry out your stay at the Universidade de Vigo.

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Campus access

The Universidade de Vigo is a new public university located in the two southern provinces of Galicia (Pontevedra and Ourense) with its faculties divided into three university campuses.

The main campus of Vigo is located 12 km from the city center and has teaching, administrative and research centers and a residence and sports facilities that enrich the daily life of the university. The swimming pool, the gym and the shopping center are examples of some of the services that allow you to make the most of the possibilities of this campus, away from the urban traffic, but very well connected to the city center.

The city campus is located on Conde de Torrecedeira Street and the Redeiras Building (Berbés Square):

  • In Torrecedeira Street you will find the School of Industrial Engineering, the University School of Business Studies and other facilities and services for students.
  • The Redeiras building in Berbés Square is an institutional building that has 18 individual workstations, distributed in six tables with three seats each, and university services.

Vigo campus | Vigo city information

If you are going to live in Vigo you will have to request your bus card to be able to access the campus from the city and also to move around Vigo.
You can use your acceptance letter to request the card before arriving. It can take about 2-3 weeks.


The city of Ourense is about 95 km east of Vigo. The campus is fully integrated into the urban center and connects its most recent units on the south campus with the oldest part of the north campus through a walkway that allows its seven faculties, an attached center and its residential and sports complexes to be very close. . In addition, it has a research support center in the Galicia Technology Park (Tecnópole).

Ourense campus | Ourense city information

Here you have information about the bus card.


The city of Pontevedra is about 30 km north of Vigo.
On the Pontevedra campus there are five centers in A Xunqueira, two in the city center (one attached) and one center in the neighboring town hall of Marín. The management and administrative services of the campus are located at the Casa das Campás in the city center and at the School of Forestry Engineering in A Xunqueira, respectively.

Pontevedra campus | Pontevedra city information

If you want to know more about the city bus and intra-city lines, you have more information here.



University e-card

The university card is the document that identifies all members of the university. It allows access to various services: Loan of books in libraries or access to restricted use facilities.

University e-card



The University Library offers a wide range of information resources, spaces, and services to support learning, teaching and research activities.

It is present on the three campuses through a network made up of eleven libraries coordinated by the central library of the Vigo campus.

You will be able to borrow books and documents, request group work rooms or access to computers thanks to your smart university card (TUI).



Language requirements

Classes are taught mostly in Spanish or Galician, at the choice of the teacher responsible for the subject. We also have an offer of subjects in English and others called "English Friendly" that are offered in Spanish or Galician, but in which the teachers provide content in English.

Students who wish to study at UVigo must have a good level of Spanish or English. In general, it is highly recommended to have a minimum level equivalent to a B1 in Spanish/Galician to achieve good academic achievement and a B2 in English for subjects taught in that language. Our bachelor's and master's programs are taught mainly in Spanish or Galician.

Spanish language courses

At the beginning of each semester the Centro de Linguas (CDL) organizes Spanish as a foreign language course for exchange students. These courses are aimed at providing basic knowledge of the Spanish language to facilitate the academic and social integration of non-Spanish-speaking international students. All levels are taught.

Note: At the beginning of each semester, level tests take place.

The course has a duration of 60 hours and begins in September/October (for students in the full course and in the first semester) and in January/February (for students in the second semester).

The course will give the right to obtain 4 ECTS credits. To obtain the certificate it is necessary to attend at least 85% of the classes and pass a final exam.
It is important to emphasize that this qualification will not appear on the official transcript because they are not part of the studies included in the degree, master’s, or doctoral program.

The accrediting diploma must be collected at the Language Center before leaving UVigo.

Centro de Linguas
+34 986 812 250

Galician language and culture course

The official languages in Galicia, at the university and in the administration, are Galician and Spanish.

From the Linguistic Normalization Area we offer the Introduction Course to the Galician language for students of exchange programs. It is a free Galician language and culture course, with synchronous virtual classes, lasting 40 hours, validated with 1.3 ECTS and recognized with a diploma issued by the University of Vigo.

This qualification will not appear on your official transcript because these studies are not included in bachelor's, master’s, or doctoral programs.

Área de Normalización Lingüística
+34 986 813 574


Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the largest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. ESN Vigo was founded on November 5, 2009 and since then its number of members has not stopped growing so that any international and exchange student feels at home.
If you have just arrived, need support for your stay or want to meet new people, you can contact the Erasmus Student Network Buddy Program service.

ESN Vigo



Below, we present the various accommodation options so you can carry out your studies at Uvigo.

accommodation options

In addition, the ESN Vigo association offers help when looking for accommodation. Contact them:


Transportation in Galicia

As for transport outside the city centres, there are buses or trains connections with the nearest cities.

If you wish, you can request the Galicia Mobility Card (TMG) which allows you to obtain price discounts on any public transport service throughout Galicia and subsidize your recurrence.

You can also check the information on bus and train lines.


Health coverage and medical insurance

Foreign students are required to purchase a valid medical insurance in Spain.

Students from the European Union can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Students from the rest of the world must buy health insurance valid in Spain.

We recommend that all students buy international health insurance to include accidents, international health transfer, travel assistance, repatriation in case of accident or serious illness, death, etc.

UVigo currently has an agreement with the insurance company ONCAMPUS, which offers wide cover for international students at an affordable single fee payment. Those interested should directly contact the company through the Oncampus-estudia website (remember to select UVigo from among the options available).

Once in Spain, students from the European Union must go to a Seguridad Social health centre (see locations) with their European Health Insurance Card, where they will be assigned a general practitioner.

Prior to leaving home, students from non- European Union countries should request their insurance company for a list of valid hospitals and health centres in Spain. In these cases, students have to first pay for the health expenses incurred and subsequently request reimbursement from their insurance company.

The Spanish public health system does not cover medical expenses of citizens from countries outside the European Union.

These are the addresses of the health centres and hospitals to go to.


Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Pontevedra
Rúa de Mourente s/n
36071 Pontevedra
+34 986 800 000


Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Vigo
Carretera de Clara Campoamor 341
36310 Vigo
+34 986 816 000


Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense 
Rúa de Ramón Puga Noguerol, 52
32005 Ourense
+34 988 385 500



En cada un dos nosos campus atoparás espazos deportivos para realizar a túa actividade física favorita: fitness, natación, tenis, baloncesto, xadrez, tenis de mesa... Ademais, a universidade colabora cunha ampla oferta de centros deportivos.

Podes utilizar as instalacións deportivas nas mesmas condicións que a comunidade universitaria.

More information


Dining halls

On all three campuses we have cafeterias and restaurants where you can take a break or have meals at affordable prices.

More information


Visa and other formalities

Students from two EU member countries such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not need an entry visa to study at UVigo, but they must obtain a Union Citizenship Registration Certificate

In the case of students from other countries, but coming from universities in EU member countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, they must apply for a Stay Authorization for Mobility Studies within the European Union.

The students from non EU member countries:

  •  Those taking a semester (1st or 2nd)  must apply for a student visa at the Spanish consulates in their country of origin.
  •  hose who plan to take an annual course must apply for a student visa (at the Spanish consulates in their country of origin) and the Foreigner Identity Card. Remember to extend ou renew your visa

Please make your visa application in advance to avoid possible delays.

Campus de Vigo
Avenida de Cánovas del Castillo, 18
36202 Vigo (Pontevedra)

Campus de Pontevedra
Rúa de Michelena, 28
36002 Pontevedra

Campus de Ourense
Rúa do Parque San Lázaro, 1
32003 Ourense

Vigo city
Rúa de Álvaro Cunqueiro, 6
36211 Vigo (Pontevedra)

Pontevedra city
Rúa de Joaquín Costa, 17
36001 Pontevedra

Ourense city
Rúa de Mestre Vide, s/n
32004 Ourense

The Universidade de Vigo is not responsible for any possible modifications that may occur in Spanish legislation once this information has been published. Therefore, it is recommended that students duly consult their information related to their residence in Spain, either in our consulates before arriving, or in the Foreign Office, once in Spanish territory.


Bank account

If you need to open a bank account, you can go to any office and present the invitation letter and passport.
On the UVigo campuses you can find the offices of: Abanca and Banco Santander.

If you want ease when creating and managing your new bank account, you can also use the Revolut Account. It has no opening requirements, it offers a card with which you can withdraw up to 200 euros per month in cash at any ATM in the world without having to pay commissions and you can also pay for your purchases in other currencies with the interbank exchange rate.

Download the Incoming Student Handbook


Máis información:

Oficina de Relacións Internacionais
Edificio Miralles
As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo 
+34 986 811 947