Access to Masters

In order to access official university master's degree courses, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. The possession of an official university degree of Spanish Graduate or equivalent is a condition for access to a University Master's Degree, or where appropriate, to hold another University Master's Degree, or degrees of the same level as the Spanish Bachelor's or Master's Degree issued by universities and higher education institutions of an EHEA country that in that country allows access to Master's studies.
  2. Similarly, access to a Master's Degree in the Spanish university system may be granted to persons holding degrees from educational systems that do not form part of the EHEA, which are equivalent to the Bachelor's Degree, without the need for official recognition of the degree, but with verification by the university of the level of training involved, provided that in the country where the degree was issued it allows access to postgraduate university studies. In no case will access by this route imply the homologation of the previous degree held by the interested party or its recognition for purposes other than that of carrying out the Master's studies.

In this case, applicants must present the corresponding application for the equivalence of the degree, at the time of enrolment, together with the rest of the documentation required for enrolment. Likewise, at the time of formalising the enrolment, they must pay the established public equivalence fees, after which the corresponding equivalence resolution will be issued by the rector's office.

The decision that rejects the equivalence of foreign studies taken for the purposes of admission to postgraduate studies will entail the cancellation of all acts deriving from the enrolment.

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