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International strategy

In the global context in which we currently find ourselves, it is positive to participate in international networks, strategic consortia, knowledge alliances, national or international mobility programmes. This allows students, teaching and research staff, and administration and service personnel to interact with people from different cultures and thus acquire the necessary capacity to leave their comfort zone, learn to compete ethically, and obtain or improve the necessary skills to overcome challenges.

Carrying out studies and internships abroad does not only serve to improve the curriculum, but also offers a series of additional advantages, such as learning languages, getting to know different cultures, acquiring independence, creating personal and professional networks, etc. It is a vital experience!

To achieve a higher level of internationalization in our institution, the 1st Internationalization Plan of the Universidade de Vigo focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Promotion of international cooperation through agreements with foreign institutions, promotion of international double degrees and joint degrees, internationalization at home, membership in international organizations and networks, etc.
  2. Promotion of mobility within and outside Europe, always with a sustainable and inclusive perspective. Erasmus+ program, own mobility programs, SICUE, GE4, ISEP, Vulcanus, etc.
  3. Recruitment of international talent and creation of a Welcome center.
  4. Improving multilingualism at the university through teaching programs in English, English Friendly subjects, training courses in languages ​​and culture, etc.
  5. Membership in the European University ATHENA


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