Water is one of the universal prime resources with global importance. Water management, water knowledge, and water usage should be assessed from a necessarily interdisciplanary point of view.

The III International Congress on Water entitled “Water, society and territory”, will be held in the setting of study and investigation of the Campus da Auga at the Ourense Campus of the University of Vigo and, as with previous editions, the main purpose is to offer a meeting place to reflect on and exchange knowledge on significant aspects related to water.

This edition, organised by the Faculty of History and members of the GEAAT Research group from the Ourense Campus, presents a multidisciplinary nature, analysing specific aspects of the historic, artistic and geographical reality of water and the human being, in different territories and societies.

Within the general topic about water, this III International Congress proposes analyzing different lines of investigation, in which we will count on the participation of noted specialists who, as well as contextualizing the material, will explain in the form of a presentation, different results or models of investigation according to the following topics:

  1. Caput aquae. Architecture and catchment systems from Prehistory to Medieval Age
  2. Architecture of water and territory in Modern Age
  3. Archaeology of fluvial landscapes: occupation, communication and exploitation
  4. Protection and management of water in the world today

Therefore, this III International Congress is calling to researchers who deal with the subject of water on different time-space scales. With the title of “Water, society and territory” we hope to be able to bring together, in the city of Ourense (Galicia, Spain) an extensive representation of specialists allowing debate on this topic from a multidimensional perspective, both in the area of the Iberian Peninsula and outside of it.

We invite you to present your proposals.