Audiovisual, Video conference and Multimedia

There are many video conference rooms located on the several university campuses of the University of Vigo and these are managed by the ATIC.

Such rooms have the possibility of being used as interactive classrooms since they share the same computer packages. Such rooms provide students with a computer to work with.

Planning starts by filling in a video conference application form, in order to obtain an optimum solution to the petition.

Users of this service should abide by rules.


E-learning equipment consists of audiovisual media, coding and decoding equipment,  electrónic whiteboards and a set of computers for students to do practical work.

The University of Vigo has three mobile integrated systems, one on each campus called POLYCOM, which performs the functions needed to establish the video conference or multi-conference.

Traditional IP/RDSI video conference

Video conference systems permit interactive communication amongst persons located in different places.

Video and voice transmission takes place in real time. In this manner, persons participating in the video conference can communicate with each other as though they were seated next to each other.

Besides other software packages, video conference can also be considered as a tool for use in remote learning.

E-learning integrates Information and Communications Technologies within the field of teaching, in order to carry out activities of an educational nature. There is likewise the possibility of sharing software and explanations without impairing visual and audio features of people in remote locations.

In this manner, there is integration of data, video and voice transmission through the same medium such that one can get simultaneous real time connection which enables exchange of information between persons who are located in different geographic locations.

The video conference rooms available at the University of Vigo are:

  • Vigo: Board room of Computer Services (central library), 5 seats
  • Vigo: AG room at the Central Library, 15-20 seats
  • Ourense: Faculty of Law – Business Studies, 8-10 seats
  • Pontevedra: Faculty of Social Sciences, 10-15 seats

Mass video conference AccessGrid

The University of Vigo has three AccessGrid, one on each of its three campuses.

AccessGrid can be used as a video conference system which permits participants at multiple locations to communicate in real time through the Internet.

The AccessGrid system can interact with an indefinite number of locations both in Spain and in the rest of the world. It provides the possibility of simultaneously showing live audio and video, work documents and complex scientific images, such as obtained with electronic microscopy or satellites.

This technology provides the group of participants with the possibility of seeing and hearing each other, whilst they share working documents in real time and without delays. This provides the group with an opportunity to work without the hassles of physically displacing themselves to attend meetings.

The principal characteristics of an AccessGrid room are:

  • It permits one to have a meeting/ make a presentation within the bounds of just the one room.
  • It provides the possibility of collaboration with other groups of persons, both in Spain and abroad, who have a room fitted with the same technology.
  • It has the capacity to allow use of other technologies during meetings, such as power point slide presentations.
  • It provides an ambience where there is no need to press microphone buttons thus giving a "sensation" of being seated "virtually" in the same room.
  • It permits visualisation of a desk top with a surface of 3072 x 768 pixels.

The AccesGrid rooms that the University of Vigo has available are the following:

  • Vigo: AG room at the Central Library, 15-20 seats
  • Ourense: Audiovisual room at the Central Library (2nd floor), 25-30 seats
  • Pontevedra: AG room of the Faculty of Social Sciences (seminar 5, 1st floor), 10-15 seats

Guide for proper use of AccesGrid rooms.


Uvigo-TV is an Internet based television service provided by the Information & Communications Technology Area (ATIC) of the University of Vigo.

It groups all Internet video transmission services of the University of Vigo and provides University users with educational and institutional audiovisual contents, either as video on demand or direct transmission.

Uvigo-TV, as Internet based corporate TV, permits direct transmission of events to the entire University of Vigo network or to the world wide web as per need.

It can be received through a computer as easily as entering a web site. In like manner, it also permits one to save such events and have them available at a later stage through video on demand via the UVigo-TV video library.


There are many multimedia applications for video conferences, however the ones that are really important for teaching are as follows:

  • Teleteaching
    • Student-teacher meetings with the aim of covering tutorial hours.
    • Two-way or multi-way information exchange between remote users.
    • Classes taught by one or more lecturers to one or more student groups.
    • Remote collaboration between students.
  • Tele-working
    • Solution of projects oriented towards teaching and research can be done through meetings conducted through the same.
  • Comunicación remota con expertos
    • The possibility of having a meeting with experts on a certain subject matter without the need for physical displacement.
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