Data network

The University of Vigo Xigabit communications network has been operational since 1995 and links centres from the four campuses (As Lagoas-Marcosende and Torrecedeira in Vigo, Pontevedra and Ourense), besides also linking isolated buildings.

REDIRIS-NOVA proyect builds the connection to the Internet and the campus interconnection. The connection to the Internet has two 10G accesses, one conected to a CESGA router in Vigo and another one in Santiago. The connection inter-campus is a 10G ring between Vigo-Torrecedeira-Pontevedra-Ourense and Vigo, so if one part of the ring is broken all the traffic will be routed by the other side.

The Lagoas-Marcosende campus has a two star Xigabit where all centres communicate at speeds of 10 Gbps. It is the backbone of the network and interconnects the Xigabit network of each building.

The University's communications network has an external access node on the Vigo campus, to which the campuses at Ourense and Pontevedra connect. Connection to the world wide web is through Santiago where the connection speed is 2 Gbps.

The University of Vigo likewise has a wireless network that extends throughout the campus and can be accessed by lecturers, students and administration & services staff. In this manner, any member of the university community can connect to the Internet from any part of the university.

Services implemented through the communications network should evolve into a global multimedia network, in order to facilitate the creation of a work interphase that permits maximisation of University productivity in administrative methods, in scientific production, in teaching aspects, in use of material computer resources and in external communications.

Such an interphase is characterised by use of technologies and services that currently include: e-mail, file transfers, remote access to machines and data bases, access to discussion and conversation groups, full connection to Internet network, video conference, e-learning, Internet TV, etc.

Services offered by the ATIC, in relation to data communications network, are:

  • IP administration and  connection to the cable data network for all end users (PDI, PAS, research staff, scholars, free access classrooms and teaching classrooms).
  • Maintenance, control and handling of cable data network incidences. 
  • Connection to the wireless data network.
  • Maintenance, control and handling of wireless data network incidences.
  • Solution of data network safety incidences.
  • Connection and management of data network at linked centres.
  • Architecture, installation, maintenance and management of active infrastructure of data network (switches, routers, etc.).
  • Architecture, installation, maintenance and management of data network safety elements (firewalls, intruder detection, etc.).
  • Integration of voice and data through the data network.
  • Development, implementation, administration of new projects for ongoing improvement of data network.
  • Connection with external agents and other research networks.
  • Definition of policies and rules for data communications network.


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