Wireless Network

The University of Vigo has implemented a wireless network that extends to all centres on all campuses. The network was designed to work with the most common operating systems.

The network is prepared for the 802.11b (11 Mbps), 802.11g (54 Mbps), 802.11N and 802.11ac standards, and therefore both types of adapters will function.

It must be pointed out that the University of Vigo's wireless network is not encrypted, i.e., information travels as it is through the air therefore, a smart user may peep into your communications. This warning is provided so that users may use the wireless network with caution.

Eduroam (recommended)

If we wish to use a secure connection, there is a safe network available all over the world called Eduroam, which can be used by internal University of Vigo users as well as users from other institutions linked to the Eduroam project.

The aim of the Eduroam project is to provide connection and mobility between the many worldwide research wireless networks. Therefore, a user from another university linked to this project can connect from our university using his/her user name and password; and an internal University of Vigo user can get connected from any of the networks included within Eduroam.

For more information on the project kindly go to http://www.eduroam.es/. The Wi-Fi network cover for Eduroam at the University of Vigo is the same as internal Wi-Fi networks and extends to all centres of the three campuses. This network can also be used by University of Vigo users to get connected in a safe manner to the university network.

For getting connected from the University of Vigo the simplest way is using EDUROAM-CAT platform for software instalation. We have to access the web page http://cat.eduroam.org, choose University of Vigo as our institution a download the software for our operating system. After that we must login with our user and password and we'll be conected.


Another way is by using software client Secure W2, available for Windows XP/Vista/7/Mobile  (download from http://si.uvigo.es/software/descarga.php?apt=24&fam=1)

If we prefer to do in an manual way, instructions for getting connected are as follows:

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