Telephone network

The ATIC manages the central telephone network available at the University of Vigo, not only with respect to changes that take place in the network but also by paying attention to incidences that arise from time to time.

The University of Vigo telephone system is made up of a private network comprised of a series of central switchboards and their corresponding internal interconnections. Such central switchboard network permits internal calls at zero cost and furthermore enables interconnection with external networks.

Telephone Directory

There is a data base that acts like a  telephone directory da Universidade, na que están rexistrados os usuarios/as de cada extensión de telefóno fixo. Este directorio é accesible a través da web mediante un esquema de buscas flexibles.

Answering service

Land line User Book

Economic conditions of the service

Application Forms for Telephone Services

Application forms must be filled in online since this activates some fields in line with other fields.

Several names will be admitted in the case of Teaching & Research Staff, one per user of such line that belongs to the same expense centre (department). Users should provide name and their two surnames besides their ID card number.

In case of Administrative & Services Staff, the name space shall contain the position of the person and not the name.

If the number corresponds to a fax, it shall be indicated in the “name” space.

Certain extensions such as the following are justified to have digital display:

  • Centre Reception Areas
  • Dean's Offices (one for management and the other for the secretary)
  • Head of units at the centres
  • Administrators of the centres
  • Heads of services

Persons who occupy office at the above places will not be eligible for digital display at their other extensions.

  • Subscription to telephone line

    This will be requested when a new line is needed. The expense centre shall consequently bear costs of calls made from such line.

  • User registration

    When a user begins to use (share) an already existing line, then the cost amount of calls made shall be distributed between all users (and ultimately by their expense centres) of the line.

  • Deregistration of the user

    One can deregister as a user when he/she ceases to use the line. If the person is the sole user of the line, then it shall mean cancellation of the line and such extension shall become available for other users.

  • Transfer of line

    When a line needs to be changed due to the transfer of a user, then this can be done with full liberty (except when there is a shortage of available connecting ports) within any of the three networks (Vigo, Pontevedra and Ourense). This will permit user to have the same extension number and the corresponding advantages.

  • Creation of additional extensions

    When due to shared use, there is a need to create extension of the line.

  • Change of category

    The category of an extension, amongst other things, defines the nature of the calls (internal, metropolitan, provincial, etc.) that can be made and act as a means of controlling costs.

  • Replacement of a broken down telephone set
  • Activation of answering machine
  • Application for a mobile telephone line


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