Corporate webpage and hosting of web site

The University of Vigo has just launched its new portal and corporate image. It uses the OpenCMS contents manager which facilitates creation, edition and maintenance of Webpages.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor's offices, services and areas, and authorised users can thus upload their information with some help from Editing-Publishing Manual and by abiding by the rules for uploading files.

The ATIC provides centres, departments and areas with a style guide and a model so that users can then incorporate the image onto their Webpages.

Likewise, for centres, departments and areas that already have their own contents manager, the ATIC places models in Joomla (version 1.0   e  version 1.5 with instructions on how to install).

Webpage Hosting

The University of Vigo has a web server ( where one can host Webpages of centres, services, departments and research groups.

Such service must be requested as an option of a user account. A user account can be requested by filling in an e-mail account application form.

When you receive your account, you can activate the web service from Internet e-mail access, by entering into options "Manage Account" of options "Preferences" in menu that appears in the left part of the page, once you have accredited yourself as a user.

In order to access such pages, one can use a FTP or SFTP (SSH) client, and indicate the same user and password as for

Web accounts are always provided associated with an e-mail account (for example, would have the webpage

The characteristics of such webpage hosting are as follows:

  • FTP connection to host Webpages, with the following characteristics:
    • FTP server:
    • SFTP server:, port 22 TCP.
    • Directory for Webpages: public_html, within the user's HOME directory. The FTP server is configured so that each user can only see his/her own files.
    • Disk space: 20Mb but you can put in a justified request for more space.
  • URL of the type (where the associated e-mail account is
  • Medium for secure http (https).
  • Medium for PHP Webpages version 5.2.8.
  • Medium for data bases MySQL version 5.0.51.
  • The use of web media is subject to user norms and access will be denied in case rules are infringed.
  • In case of applications sent in for more disk space on the server, data base media, dynamic pages, etc., the administrator may contact the user to resolve any doubts that may exist on the user's application.

Users may also contact  the website administrator.

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