Accommodation and maintenance. Living expenses


The International Relations Office helps foreign students at the Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra campuses, to look for accommodation during their stay at the University of Vigo.

  • In Vigo:

    Accommodation and hotels in Vigo(pdf), (spanish-english)

    Foreign students studying at the Vigo Campus or at the historical campus in Torrecedeira have the possibility of sharing a flat in the city centre with Spanish or foreign students.

  • In Ourense:

    Accommodation and hotels in Ourense (PDF, DOC), (spanish-english)

  • In Pontevedra:

    Accommodation and hotels in Pontevedra (PDF, DOC), (spanish-english)

    Foreign students studying at the Pontevedra campus can stay at the A Peregrina Residence. The University of Vigo has signed an agreement with the A Peregrina Residence, located in the urban centre of Pontevedra, near the train and bus stations.

    Residencia A Peregrina
    Avenida de Eduardo Pondal 76.
    36003 Pontevedra.
    Tel.: + 34 986 850145
    Fax: + 34 986858512

    The A Peregrina Residence has got single and double rooms, with fully equipped bathroom and telephone facilities. It has a cafeteria, dining rooms, TV rooms, reading and studying rooms, and computer rooms with free wifi access.

    Bookings must be made directly with the Residence.

Maintenance: University Canteens

Most Faculties and University Colleges of the University of Vigo have got their own cafeteria and dining facilities, so students can have cold tapas, sandwiches, and menus made up of two main dishes and dessert.

Cafeterias are continuously open from 08:00 or 09:00 hours to 20:00 or 21:00 hours. Meals are served at the restaurants from 13:30 hours approximately to 16:00 or 16:30 hours. Some Faculties have a self-service option available, where students can choose from a selection.

There are also many vending machines for drinks, coffee and snacks located in the cafeterias and lobbys of many Faculties.

Living expenses  

Foreign students studying at the University of Vigo must have enough financial resources to cover their accommodation and living expenses during their stay in Galicia.

Expenses during your stay at the University of Vigo will mainly depend on the type of accommodation you choose and on your own spending habits. You should set aside approximately 450 Euros/month for accommodation and meals and about 35 Euros/month for bus transport (in Vigo).

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