Health insurance cover. Medical insurance

All foreign students coming from E.U. countries who bring the E-111, the E-128 form (depending on their home country) or the European Health Card can receive free health care and hospital treatment from the Social Security Doctors during their stay in Spain.

Students who do not belong to E.U. countries must have an appropriate private medical insurance policy which provides them with adequate medical cover during their period of study in Spain.

All students must send a copy of their health insurance policy to the International Relations Office. Application forms will not be accepted unless proof of this document is attached.

Once in Spain, students from E.U. countries should go to a health centre of the Spanish Social Security System (see addresses below) with the E-111, the E-128 form or the European Health Card where they will be assigned a G.P.

Students from non-E.U. countries should ask in their home countries for a list of hospitals and health centres in Spain which have an agreement with their private insurance company. In such cases, students usually have to pay in advance for their medical expenses in Spain and then get reimbursed by their private insurance company.

The addresses of the main hospitals and health centres are as follows:


  • Centro de Salud Novoa Santos

    C/ Juan XXIII, nº 6

    Tel.: 988 385580

  • Centro de Salud Mariñamansa

    C/Doctor Peñarey s/n

    Tel.: 988 248040

  • Centro de Salud El Puente

    C/Eulogio Gómez Franqueira s/n

    Tel.: 988 211667

  • Centro de Salud Valle Inclán

    C/ Celso Emilio Ferreiro nº 40

    Tel.: 988 252111

  • Centro de Salud A Carballeira

    C/Castelo Ramiro s/n

    Tel.: 988 222911

  • Hospital Santa María Madre

    C/Ramón Puga nº 54

    Tel.: 988 385499

  • Complejo Hospitalario de Ourense

    C/Ramón Puga nº 52

    Tel.: 988 385704


  • Ambulatorio Virxe Peregrina

    C/ Maestranza s/n

    Tel.: 986 852799

  • Hospital Provincial

    C/ Doctor Loureiro Crespo nº2

    Tel.: 986 855500

  • Hospital de Montecelo

    Mourente s/n

    Tel.: 986 800000


  • Centro de Salud

    C/ Cuba nº10

    Tel.: 986 416226

  • Centro de Salud

    C/López Mora nº 54

    Tel.: 986 294953

  • Centro de Salud

    C/Porriño nº 5, Coia

    Tel.: 986 816059

  • Centro de Salud

    C/Faisán nº 10, La Doblada

    Tel.: 986 275121

  • Hospital del Meixoeiro

    Camiño Meixoeiro- Lavadores

    Tel.: 986 811111

  • Hospital Xeral de Vigo (urgencias)

    Pizarro nº22

    Tel.: 986 816000

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