Welcome to the University of Vigo!

This guide has been designed to provide practical information to international students who would like to study during a four month period or a full academic year at the University of Vigo, within the frame of an exchange program or an international cooperation agreement, or as visiting foreign students.

The University of Vigo is a modern and innovative institution, which offers more than 50 degree courses on three different campuses: a) the Vigo campus – which includes both the Lagoas Marcosende campus (15 km from the city centre) and the historical campus at Torrecedeira, b) the Ourense campus, and c) the Pontevedra campus. More than 24,000 students are registered at the three campuses, and 1,600 lecturers teach undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Vigo. Our institution offers degrees in all knowledge areas, especially in the scientific-technological field. Some of the degrees are unique within the Galician university system and not very common in the rest of the Spanish universities: Fine Arts on the Pontevedra Campus, Mining and Telecommunication Engineering on the Vigo campus, and Tourism on the Ourense campus.

As an institution committed to international cooperation, the University of Vigo has signed more than 400 cooperation agreements with institutions of higher education in 38 different countries.

We hope this guide is useful to you and provides answers to issues that arise when studying and living abroad and, especially, at the University of Vigo. We are aware that a guide of this type cannot contain everything you may require but we sincerely hope that it will provide you with the basic information on the academic year, accommodation, medical insurance, etc.

The staff at the International Relations Office wishes you a pleasant and successful stay at the University of Vigo.

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