Enrolment procedure

All foreign students participating in an exchange program shall enrol for all courses they will take at the University of Vigo in the Undergraduate Secretary (Área de Grado) of the main admission centre indicated by the International Relations Office. Students wishing to enrol for master courses will do so at the Graduate Secretary (Área de Postgrado). 

Prior to final enrolment, students are recommended to obtain advice on all academic issues such as selection of subjects, course, examination periods, etc. from the international coordinator at your home university and the international coordinator or academic tutor at the University of Vigo.

To enrol, you will need a copy of your passport or ID card and the acceptance letter provided by the ORI. You will also need the list of the courses you are interested in and their reference codes. All students (except those of ISEP and Erasmus Mundus programs) will have to pay for the University of Vigo’s student insurance and the fees for opening the student's file.

Deadlines for enrolment

Exchange foreign students may register until 31st October if they are taking subjects from the first four month term or annual courses at the University of Vigo, and until 9th March for second four month term courses.

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