Instruments for Support Processes

Supporting Instruments for Key Processes 1 and 2

There is a computer application called Xesticonta, owned by the University of Vigo, which can be defined as an instrument that permits performance of budgetary follow-up and control of the amounts assigned to each centre.

Xesticonta can create accountancy documents for credit retention, authorisation and expense commitments and furthermore for undertaking obligations. The payments stage is carried out in the Accounts Service.

Xesticonta lets us know level of budget used from time to time and issue reports to Management, besides also facilitating proposals for credit transfers and commencement of expense reduction policies. It therefore helps us to track an invoice from the time expense is authorised to its payment. The program also provides other general information, such as average payment periods, which helps us to take specific actions related to deviation from the average whenever considered fit.

Normal processing of expenses unrelated to contracting is comprised of the following stages:

  • Authorisation of expense by the manager who issues the pertinent order.
  • Preparation of budget credit reserve and issue of the corresponding RC document through the computer program Xesticonta. In reality, this RC document is reflected as an order form, which contains details of supplies or service together with details of supplier, and therefore it is really an accounts AD document.
  • Registry of invoices received and sent corresponding to a particular service to obtain prior conformity, and then sent to the manager for his/her OK towards payment.
  • Issue of the corresponding accountancy documents up to acknowledgement of obligations and issue of these to the Internal Control Service for supervision.
  • The Cash Advance Unit processes advance payments following specific operating procedures which actually reduce time periods of the same.Sobre todas as fases anteriormente descritas actúase para conseguir unha maior eficacia económica e técnica.

Supporting Instruments for Key Process 3

There are internal norms of the Service for carrying out actions that are prior and derived from administrative contracting.

Specialisation of the several types of contracts into three units permits creation of internal procedures that are not only known by the head of the unit, who is directly responsible for the same, but also by all staff at the contracting section, other than the head of the service and the head of the section.

Administrative clause specifications are provided in order to simplify procedures and these accelerate processes since there is no need to obtain a report from the Legal Consultancy Service, prior to supervision by the Internal Control Service, for providing approval to the file.

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