• I.- National rules:
    • A.- Basic:
      • Legislative Royal Decree 2/2000, dated 16th June, which approves the revised text of the Public Administrations Contract Act (BOE no. 148 dated 21st June, 2000).
      • Act 47/2003, dated 26th November, related to general budget (BOE no. 284 dated 27th November, 2003).
      • Spanish general budget Act for each year
    • B.- Related to development:
      • Royal Decree 1098/2001, dated 12th October, which approves the general regulation of the public administrations contracting Act (BOE no. 257 dated 26th October, 2001).
  • II.- Regional rules:
    • Legislative decree 1/1999, dated 7th October, which approves the revised text of the Galician budget & financial regime Act (DOG no. 214 dated 5th November, 1999).
    • Galician General Budget Act for each year.
  • III.- Specific rules of the University of Vigo:
    • Economic regime regulations.
    • University budget for each year.
    • Circulars and specific instructions from the University of Vigo on the subject of economic management.
    • Regulations for asset management at the University of Vigo (pending approval).
    • Rules for movable and immovable fixed assets management (pending approval).
    • Rules related to administration of assets owned by the University of Vigo, and the procedures for their purchase and transfer (pending approval).
    • Of a supplementary application are the Spanish Assets Act and the Galician Assets Act.


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