Objectives of the Service

Economic Management

The very functional flow chart of the Service obliges us to establish a difference between economic management and administrative contracting, even though the latter is an important instrument with a wide economic management content.

After delimiting the follow-up management and budgetary control linked to efficiency concepts, one can initially state that the University of Vigo to a large extent performs a decentralisation of expense by centre (faculties, colleges, etc., all of which are related to the yearly budget of the University).

Data provided on the service refer to Centralised Services as an expense centre which account for 70 % of the total expense of the University in chapter II ("goods & services expenses") and in chapter VI ("real investments").

In any case, the objectives of the Service go beyond just being an expense centre, since it also carries out a wide information task about its fields of action.

Within the context of administrative contracting, a sizeable number of files are initiated by applications from centres or persons or units located therein. If the entry is decentralised (research projects) then the centre sends the file processing application, expense justification, any credit reserves and technical specifications to the Service. In such a case, it must be pointed out that by Vice-Chancellor's decision dated 14th April, 2000, processing of negotiation procedure was decentralised to centre administrators according to amount of transaction (supplies less than 5,000,000 pesetas).

If such files are started by Management or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Planning, then at times, centre collaboration would also be required for defining technical specifications, reports, etc. In this case, credit reserve would correspond to the Service.

Within the context of asset management & inventory, the objectives are: to identify the assets and elements that make up the tangible and intangible fixed assets of the University; to carry out an exhaustive control of assets, both moveable and immovable property, assets of an artistic or historic nature, and obtain any additional information needed to have them perfectly catalogued; to fulfil the requirements on the subject of amortisation and control of fixed assets at all times, of the net asset value of the university and carry out an update and future maintenance of all assets.

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