Internal Control Service


Internal Control Service

Campus universitario, As Lagoas, Marcosende
Telephone: 986 813 582 - 986 813 838

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  • The Internal Control Service has been entrusted with economic and financial control of the University of Vigo, and is especially focussed on expense control.


  • It controls the legality of economic and administrative actions within the scope of the University of Vigo.
  • It provides advice to management bodies on budget legalities related to content of their own activities or with respect to third parties.
  • It verifies proper use and application of university funds to the established purposes, as per agreements of its management bodies and in compliance with legal rules.
  • It checks that university economic management actions, operations and procedures are carried out in full compliance with valid law.
  • It ensures that procedures applied are legally correct.
  • It informs about the agreements signed by the University of Vigo that are of an economic nature.
  • It provides information about the contracting records of the university on economic, legal and budgetary aspects.
  • It provides approval to payment orders.
  • It permanently informs and coordinates the many expense centres about management, processing and control procedures.
  • It prepares reports requested by the competent bodies through management.
  • It participates with other economic services and Management to generally prepare and coordinate economic activities.
  • It oversees expenses according to the conditions established in national, regional and university rules.
  • It checks and supervises the legal and material aspects of return of fees.
  • It follows-up and checks records of contracting, supplies and services.
Head of the Internal Control Service
Margarita Cabaleiro Soto


Head of the Internal Control Section
María Teresa Reigosa Alonso


Xefe do Negociado de Control Interno
María Moreira


Xefe do Negociado de Control Interno
María del Carmen Boullosa Rodríguez


Base station
Silvia Sánchez Gómez


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