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The University of Vigo is comprised of three campuses with well differentiated features that are located in the three most important cities from the South of Galicia: Ourense, Pontevedra and Vigo.

The Ourense campus is fully integrated within the urban centre and its new premises are connected to the old ones via a footbridge that brings together its six faculties, an associated centre, residence and sports complexes.

The river Lérez crosses through the Pontevedra campus, which is housed within a recently created architectural complex surrounded by the Isle of Sculptures. The six schools and faculties offer a dozen degree programs and form the nerve centre of University life here where culture, sports and nature are its differentiating characteristics.

The Vigo campus is outside city limits but near the city centre. It is a reference for contemporary architecture with buildings designed by Mr. Enric Miralles, Mr. Alberto Noguerol & Ms. Pilar Díez, Mr. César Portela and Mr. Gabriel Santos Zas. This modern architectural campus, which is fully integrated within its natural surroundings, is comprised of a number of schools and faculties (that offer their teaching programs), the Rector’s Office Building, Centralised Office Services, Central Library, Shopping Centre and Sports facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium and track & field.

A part of the teaching area of the University is located right in the centre of Vigo, namely, the Business School and the Industrial Technical Engineering School.

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