The University City of Vigo is inspired on an academic city ideal similar to that found in many US universities. Teaching buildings are combined with administrative and residential areas, sports areas, scientific complexes and with leisure areas, which contribute to enriching daily university life on campus. The swimming pool, gymnasium and the shopping centre are some examples of services offered that enable one to make the most of possibilities available on this campus which is located at quite a distance from the urban bustle but with good communications with the city centre, where we find some of the teaching facilities.

As against the above model, Ourense enjoys a true urban campus with singular characteristics, especially in the old part of the campus which connects with the new part through a footbridge that leads to the area with faculties, residential and sports complexes. Students can avail of housing facilities owned by the University as well as University subsidised housing in the city of Ourense.

The Pontevedra campus, crossed by the River Lérez and surrounded by the Isle of Sculptures, is made up of recently created architectural premises. Nature, sports, and above all culture are the differentiating aspects of university life in Pontevedra. Just like in the case of Ourense, the Pontevedra campus is truly urban.

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