Research and Technology Transfer


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Research and Technology Transfer manages science policy, promotion activities, dissemination and management of research, development and innovation. It therefore has competence in the following areas:

  • Proposal and formalisation of all types of research grants, both internal and external
  • Authorisation and signing of contracts and agreements
  • Proposals for infrastructures and equipment
  • Institutes and research centres
  • Research results transfer
  • Management and coordination of all research resources


Mª Asunción Longo González

986 813597

Director da Área de Transferencia
José Luis Alba Castro

986 812680

Director da Área Técnica de Investigación, Desenvolvemento e Innovación
Anxo Moreira González

986 812052

Directora da Área Técnica de Centros de Apoio á Investigación
Carmen Serra Rodríguez

986 813882

Directora do Centro de Apoio Científico-Tecnolóxico á Investigación (CACTI)
Irene Alejo Flores

986 812132

Directora do Centro de Investigacións Biomédicas (CINBIO)
África González Fernández

986 130140 , 986 130141

Director do Centro Atlántico de Investigación en Tecnoloxías da Información e Comunicacións (AtlantTIC)
Carlos Mosquera Nartallo

986 812116

Director do Centro de Investigación, Transferencia e Innovación (CITI)
Xosé Antón Vila Sobrino

988 387400

Director da Estación de Ciencias Mariñas de Toralla (ECIMAT)
Jesús Souza Troncoso

986 815700

Director do Centro de Investigación Tecnolóxico Industrial (MTI)
Ángel M. Espada Seoane

986 130153

María del Carmen Álvarez Veleiro

986 813 597


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Office is supported and advised by the Research Commission at the University of Vigo in its day to day functions.

Management and support to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Office is provided by the following units:

Research activity is carried out by research groups and at the following university’s own centres:


Support Centres:


Singular Centres:


Strategic groupings

In addition, in the University of Vigo there are some strategic groupings, with the aim to encourage interdisciplinary research activity , the optimum use of resources and infrastructure, access to funding and achieving levels of prestige and impact:


R&D Capacities at the University of Vigo



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