Own research centres

The Universities Organic Law, at section 40, establishes the possibility for universities to freely create their own research centres in order to perform diverse functions such as:

  • Act as instrumental support and services centres for research group activities.
  • Permit small scale economies to use big infrastructures and high tech equipment.
  • Integrate and focus research resources and capacities towards areas that are of interest to the university.
  • Consolidate research units, which by supporting research groups, enable an increase in R&D&I quality.


The own centres of the University of Vigo are divided into two categories:


Support centres:


Singular centres:


Strategic groupings

In addition, in the University of Vigo there are some strategic groupings, with the aim to encourage interdisciplinary research activity , the optimum use of resources and infrastructure, access to funding and achieving levels of prestige and impact:

  • CIA Agro-environmental and Food Research Centre
  • INEX Strategic Consortium for Industry and Energy
  • ECOBAS Economics and Business Administration for Society


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