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The Universidade de Vigo has started a process for obtaining the Human Resources Excellence in Research badge. This process, in progress for a period of overthree months, has been led by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Research and Technology Transfer, the Vice-Chancellor´s Office for Academic Issues and Staff, and the Deputy Manager Human Resources Department Office. The academic community as a whole has been actively participating in the process, both through surveys, personal interviews, and working sessions for concerting the gap analysis and defining the action plan.

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) is a European Commission initiative to encourage research institutions to implement the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter & Code) in their policies and practices. It also advises institutions and organizations to implement the “HR Excellence in Research” logo.

Since 2005, when the European Commission recommended the implementation of the Charter and Code, approximately 1,200 institutions from 35 European and non-European countries have declared their support and more than 200 institutions have obtained the “HR Excellence in Research” logo. In Spain 98 organizations have declared their support, and 43 have obtained the “HR Excellence in Research” logo, four of are universities.



The European Charter for Researchers (Charter & Code) includes a series of principles that specify the rights and responsibilities of researchers and the entities that employ and/or finance them. The Code of conduct for recruiting researchers contains a series of principles that must always be adhered to by employers and/or financing entities when they hire researchers. These two documents are aimed both at researchers and employers and/or financing entities of the public and private sectors. The implementation of the Charter & Code principles increases the attractiveness of the European Research Area.

The “HR Excellence in Research” logo gives public recognition to research institutions that have made progress in aligning their human resources policies with the principles defined in the “Charter & Code”. The institutions awarded with the logo have the right to use it to highlight their commitment to the implementation of fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation of the performance of their researchers.
Listed below are the steps to follow for implementation of the logo:



The steps to follow the implementation of the HR Excellence in Research logo are:

  • Step 1 - The research institution or funding organisation carries out an internal analysis (i.e. Gap Analysis) according to a standard template grouping all forty Charter & Code principles in four areas ('Ethical and professional aspects', 'Recruitment', 'Working conditions & social security' and 'Training').
  • Step 2 - The research institution or funding organisation publishes its "Human Resources Strategy for Researchers" on its website in an easily-accessible place and with an English version available. It should summarise the main results of the internal analysis and present the actions proposed to ensure and/or improve the alignment with the Charter & Code principles.
  • Step 3 - Provided that the above steps are formally respected and both the Gap Analysis and the Action Plan are sent within set cut-off dates, the European Commission "acknowledges" that the participating research institution or funding organisation has adopted a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.
  • Step 4 - The research institution or funding organisation implements its HR strategy and conducts a self-assessment within the framework of its existing internal quality assurance mechanisms. This self-assessment should be undertaken regularly, at a minimum every second year after the HR logo award.
  • Step 5 - External evaluation: at least every four years after the HR award, the research institution or funding organisation drafts a short report, showing the progress made towards the objectives of its HR Strategy for Researchers and its compliance with the principles of the Charter & Code.

Through this process, the Universidade de Vigo hopes to strengthen the implementation procedure of HRS4R in order to assure its continuation.



The Universidade de Vigo has been working on this process since March 2016. And finally, has presented to the European Commission the document on November 15th 2016:



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