The University of Vigo is aware of the importance of knowledge as the driving force for innovation and therefore places all its scientific and technological potential at the service of society, namely; equipment, infrastructures and R&D resources

Management of transfer activities is carried out by the Oficina de I+D. Its functions are structured along three main areas:

  • Dissemination, promotion and marketing of University of Vigo R&D&I.
  • Valuation and protection of University of Vigo technology.
  • Transfer of University of Vigo research results so that it can give rise to R&D contracts and agreements of a scientific, technical or artistic nature, technological licence contracts, and other ways of collaboration with companies and institutions.

Oficina de I+D

The functions of the Research Results Transfer Office can be structured along three main areas:

  • Area 1: dissemination, promotion and marketing of University of Vigo R&D&I
  • Area 2: valuation and protection of University technology
  • Area 3: transfer of university research results


Universidade de Vigo - Campus de Vigo

Anexo edificio Xerencia, 1.º piso, As Lagoas, Marcosende s/n

36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)

Tel.: 986 812 236    Correo electrónico:


Technical Manager
Ángeles López Lozano

986 812 236

R&D Technical Officer
Hilda Iglesias Galán

986 813 896

R&D Technical Officer (Campus de Ourense)
Cristina López Macias

988 387044

R&D Technical Officer
Pablo Gens Montes

986 818 651

Técnica Superior I+D
Sabela González Panizo

986 818 639

Técnico Superior de I+D
Jose Jato Darriba

986 811 943

Xefa de negociado
Fernanda Rivas Suanzes

986 811990

Auxiliar administrativa
Yvette Quintas Mosteiro

986 812 236

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