What is the Guarantees Tribunal?

It is the body commissioned by the University of Vigo Senate to defend the rights of members of the university community.

Members of the Guarantee Tribunal
Argimiro Rojo Salgado
Vice president:
Coral del Río Otero
Ernesto Vázquez-Rey Farto
Ana Belén Martínez Piñeiro
Francisco Jesús Rey Losada
Sara Mª Torres Outón
Rosalía Carrillo Pérez
Guillermo de Oca Cancela

What are its functions?

The Guarantee Tribunal has faculties for the following functions:

  • To demand either of its own accord or through client petition, any or all information that it may deem fit to carry out its purpose.
  • To present reports to the Senate and, whenever pertinent, also present a proposal to compensate estimated damages.
  • To manage before competent bodies, any correction of defects observed in their operations.
  • To demand from the pertinent university body that it may satisfy the opportune legitimate interest.
  • To propose that the Senate exercise its censorship vote against an individual body, which, despite warnings, does not change its illegal behaviour.
  • To act as a mediator whenever requested.
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