Complaints & Advice

Any member of the university community can present complaints, claims or petitions for advice either individually or in groups to the Guarantees Tribunal. These shall be presented in writing in the secretariat of the body and shall include personal data and signature of the interested party/parties, ID number and address for notification.

Minimum conditions for submitting complaints

  • Prior resort to administrative and/or governing bodies.
  • Non-anonymous.
  • Not appealed before legal authorities.
  • Not pending any administrative sanctions.
  • Made within two months of knowledge of the facts.

Processing of complaints

Actions of the Tribunal can either be through own initiative or through request made by interested party. The Guarantees Tribunal shall, in a maximum 15 day period, justify receipt of complaint or claim and shall reply whether or not the complaint or claim shall be processed. In any case, interested party/parties shall be notified of any inadmissibility motives. The above shall not prevent any investigation to be carried out on the general problem that gave rise to the complaint.

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