Press Office

The many functions of the Press Office include providing information coverage for activities that take place on the three campuses. These are normally published in the Duvi, which is the Digital Daily Newspaper of the University of Vigo and also in other communications media. The Office also caters to the demands of journalists from the written press, television, radio and digital media. Other functions include preparation of daily press report and consultancy to members of the university community in their relations with the press when organising press conferences, interviews and intervention in programs.

Further information


The Press Office is run by:  

  • Press Office Manager: Ms. Mª del Carmen Echevarría Figueroa
  • Editors of the Vigo campus: Ms. Digna Mar Besadío Rodríguez, Ms. Mª del Río Piñeiro
  • Editor of the Pontevedra campus: Mr. Eduardo Muñiz Rodríguez
  • Editor of the Ourense campus: Ms. Rosa Tedín Mouzo



The Press Office on the Vigo campus is located at:  

Local B2

Centro Comercial de Cidade Universitaria
Campus de Vigo
36310 Vigo
Telephone: +34-986 813 604 / 818 762

The Press Office on the Pontevedra campus is located at:

Casa das Campás
Don Filiberto, nº 9-11
36002 Pontevedra
Telephone: +34-986 802 047 / +34-986 802 087


The Press Office on the Ourense campus is located at:

Edificio de Ferro. 4º andar
Campus de Ourense
32004 Ourense
Telephone: +34-988 368917



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