Spanish and Galician courses for foreign students

Spanish courses for foreign students are directed towards exchange students and all others who are interested in learning Spanish. These are organised by the Centro de Linguas, at the University of Vigo. The offer includes four month courses and summer courses, organized at different levels. Registration is through the Centro de Linguas.

The Department of Linguistics Standardisation at the University of Vigo also organises Galician language and culture courses for foreign students, these being 40 hour courses.


For further information kindly contact:

Centro de Linguas

Campus As Lagoas, Marcosende, Vigo

Tel.: +34 986 812 250




Offer for the academic year 2014-2015

Department of Linguistics Standardisation (Área de Normalización Lingüística)

Campus universitario

Tel.: 34 986 813 574



  • EILC ( Erasmus Intensive Language Course) Summer Course


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     Deadline to receive applications sent by home Universities : 01/ June /2011




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