Norms for visiting foreign students

The growing interest from foreign students, who are not part of already existing exchange programmes, and who wish to broaden their education at the University of Vigo on a short term basis, together with the role of Universities in promoting student inter-university mobility and permanent education, (two key elements within the new framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)), have led the University of Vigo to create the figure of Visiting Foreign Student, in line with the path taken by other institutions and acting in accordance with its competences.


Applicable to all foreign students taking courses at a foreign university or higher education institution that is officially recognised and who wish to broaden their education by studying some courses at any centre of the University of Vigo. The status of Visiting Foreign Student is neither applicable to students participating in an exchange program (such as Erasmus +, ISEP, MAE) nor to those studying within the framework of bilateral agreements between the University of Vigo and other universities.

Compulsory documents

Student should submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Letter of intent in Spanish or Galician
  • Photocopy of identity card or passport
  • Two passport photographs
  • Certificate or letter stating his/her knowledge of Spanish or Galician language
  • Duly justified Curriculum Vitae.
  • Certificate or letter stating his/her knowledge of Spanish or Galician language.

Place and deadline for presenting applications

Visiting foreign students who wish to study courses during either a whole academic year (from September to July) or the first term (from September to February) may hand in their application forms until the 31st of May of the current year. For students taking courses during the second term (from February to July), the application deadline is the 15th of October of the previous year. The required documents will be submitted to: Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales (ORI), Universidade de Vigo, Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, Edificio Miralles, Plaza Miralles, 36310 Vigo, España..


Notification of admission is sent by the International Relations Office after student is accepted at the centre where he/she wishes to enrol.


The International Relations Office will notify students about their acceptance to study the courses chosen at the University of Vigo, as well as the dates to officially register. Visiting foreign students will be able to register as such for a maximum period of one academic year. They will have to enrol for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 60 ECTS credits.

Enrolment may be authorised for any of the courses offered at the University of Vigo. However, access to some courses may be restricted or even excluded due to their specific characteristics or because they are taught in small groups.

Student must have an adequate threshold study level equivalent to that required for registration at the courses he/she wants to study.

All visiting foreign students must have health insurance cover, valid for the whole of the Spanish territory, and proof of the same must be handed in at time of registration.

  • Students belonging to EU member states will have to request the E-111 or E-128 form in their country of origin.
  • Those applicants coming from other countries will have to hand in a private medical insurance or purchase one in Spain prior to registration.

Students coming from outside the European Union will have to contact their nearest Spanish embassy or consulate in order to get information on legal entry requirements for Spain. Such students will receive a letter of acceptance issued by the International Relations Office to facilitate their receipt of a student visa.

Academic rules

Visiting foreign students will be subject to the teaching and academic management of the courses they have enrolled for and their names will appear on the course files like those of the other students.

Once official files have been filled in according to the academic calendar, the secretariat of the centre will issue two free of charge transcripts (in Spanish and in English) stating the courses, credits and grades obtained by the student in accordance with the current regulations.

Studies undertaken by visiting foreign student do not give them any rights towards acquiring a degree issued by the University of Vigo, nor to admission to any degree program. If the visiting foreign student wishes to obtain a degree at the University of Vigo and obtain recognition of the courses studied there in accordance with the present regulation, then he/she will have to follow the applicable university rules for University access by accrediting possession of the pertinent titles or tests and by following the general admissions procedure.

Visiting foreign students shall have access to the different services offered by the University of Vigo and shall participate in university life with the same rights and duties as foreign students of official exchange programs.

Tuition and admission fees

The student must pay the tuition fees according to the number of credits he/she has enrolled for and the administrative fees corresponding to the opening of the academic file, issue of the university card and the compulsory school insurance. These rates are established for every academic year by the autonomic goverment (Xunta de Galicia).

Student will further pay the International Relations Office an administration fee of 400 € for four month stays and 800 € for annual stays.

Academic fees 2017/2018

Payment of academic fees

Students must pay enrolment fees and the International Relations Office administration fees in just the one payment at the beginning of the academic year. Whenever accreditation of full payment is not justified, application will be conditionally accepted. However, once payment deadline has expired, failure to pay any remaining part or full payment shall imply cancellation of the enrolment application, which will be filed with the subsequent loss of any amounts paid up to that time. The International Relations Office will send a nominal list of visiting foreign students to the "secretariats" of each centre.

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