Health and wellness

The Universidade de Vigo wants to boost the health and well-being of its university community

Bear this in mind: different initiatives are promoted to encourage the acquisition of healthy habits among its staff and students in the areas of food, physical activity, psychosocial health or the environment.  

Besides this, the university community has at its disposal different health services (medical service, psycho-pedagogical consultation,...) to help solve possible problems that may arise during their stay on campus.

Since 2009, the Universidade de Vigo has been part of the Spanish Network of Health Promoter Universities (REUPS) and is committed to protecting and developing the health and wellbeing of its university community.


For further information, you can contact the University Extension Section:

Campus de Vigo
986 813 626

Campus de Ourense
988 387 102

Campus de Pontevedra
986 801 949 | 986 801 955