Health services

The Universidade de Vigo has several health services that can be used by university community members that require them:

Medical center

The Vigo campus has a medical center in the Edificio Filomena Dato. There, they perform medical examinations of the university staff, coordinate all health-monitoring activities and provide urgent care to anyone from the university community that might need it. It’s open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8.30 pm, except on days with reduced working hours.


Further information:

Edificio Filomena Dato
As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo
+34 986 813 451 


Attention unit for students with special educational needs

Academic counseling, psychological care, training in essential life skills.

For further information, you can reach out to:

Campus de Vigo
Sección de Extensión Universitaria
986 813 626

Campus de Ourense
Área de Servizos á Comunidade
988 387 102 | 988 387 089

Campus de Pontevedra
Área de Servizos á Comunidade
986 801 949 | 986 801 955