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The University of Vigo believes in communication as one of the main values to contribute to the improvement of both internal and external interrelation 

Universities, as any other organization, convey an image formed by tangible and intangible elements—from the most visible publicity or media coverage of events and punctual actions to the values provided by every person of the university community. 

Thanks to a broader openness of the information channels and the communication with the university community and the society, the institution firmly encourage the participation of students, research and teaching staff and the administration and services staff, as well as the promotion of dialogue with external agents. 

Regarding institutional communication, the University of Vigo gives priority to convey its values, give visibility to teaching, research and transfer, to student’s recruitment and its international presence. And mostly, the institution is committed to transparency and to the report to the university community and the society in general.

Under the Communication Vice-rectory, the different sections are managed—the UVigo Tv, the Duvi, the Image Area and the press office. Nevertheless, pursuing the coherence, the institution follows a coordination strategy. All this map of different areas of specialization and distant fields will blur their borders thanks to the internal communication. As each of us is the University of Vigo, the feeling of togetherness and belonging will be easy to convey outdoors. 


More information:

Vice-rectory of Communication and Institutional Relations
Edificio Miralles
As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo
+34 986 130 222