The University of Vigo ATIC is responsible for administration and maintenance of servers that provide entry and exit of e-mails from the University of Vigo, within a centralised e-mail service organisation model.

It is also responsible for administration and maintenance of e-mail accounts for the following domains:

  • uvigo.es: Accounts of the type user@uvigo.es (institutional accounts, services, PAS, PDI, etc.)
  • alumnos.uvigo.es: Accounts of the type user@alumnos.uvigo.es (accounts for students)

Although the e-mail service is quite successful in delivering messages in a short time, it does not guarantee delivery of the message.

An e-mail message may be delivered with delay or never arrive to its destination due to several reasons:

  • unforeseen breakdowns in communication lines
  • space limitation in the receiver's inbox
  • messages rejected for containing a virus
  • temporary saturation of service due to spamming

The above are normal characteristics of e-mail services and are not due to any installation at the University of Vigo nor to lack of resources assigned to the same.

Servers that are under the responsibility of computer services keep a record of all messages sent and received in order to help solve service problems. Such records are maintained at the service during a 3 month period.

The limit of message size is high, more than 7Mb. Messages will be stored for up to 5 days prior to their being rejected in case one is unable to access the e-mail server at destination.

Measures against spam mail: anti-spam and anti-virus

The following measures are adopted in order to stop the incidence of spam mails in the e-mail service:

  • Centralisation of e-mail service
  • Rejection of messages sent from servers without inverse DNS identification
  • Publication of SPF registers
  • Antivirus filters
  • Antispam filters

Messages containing a virus are discarded and those detected as SPAM are marked by the e-mail server.

E-mail access from outside the University of Vigo

Computer Services provide registered users with e-mail access from their homes. To that end, the following services are provided:

  • Internet access to e-mail
  • For clients that use conventional e-mail client, the server smtp.uvigo.es shall be used as the outgoing server (SMTP).
  • Users within the domain uvigo.es (account with login@uvigo.es) can send e-mails from outside the University of Vigo by indicating:
    • Outgoing server as: smtp.uvigo.es
    • Outgoing server accepts secure connections (TLS)
    • Outgoing server uses authentication and user indication??:
      • User: login the part of e-mail account that lies before the symbol "@")
      • Password: password used by user to check e-mails

For further information on configuration of e-mail account, see the  tutorial section.

  • Users of sub-domains of the type dominio.uvigo.es (account of the type login@dominio.uvigo.es) who wish to use this server should get connected to the same by indicating: 
    • Outgoing server as: smtp.uvigo.es
    • Outgoing server accepts secure connections (TLS)
    • Outgoing server uses authentication and user identification:
      • User: login@dominio.uvigo.es
      • Password: password used by user to check e-mails

For this access to be operational on domains not directly overseen by computer services (servers for centres, departments or research groups), permission must be obtained in advance. Kindly contact the administrator of e-mail services if you suspect that there is a breakdown in service.

In case sub-domain server is under threat, then computer services may block this service temporarily while a solution for unauthorised access is being sought.

Should the sub-domain e-mail accounts administrator feel that such service is not required, then he/she may block it permanently.

The University of Vigo is subscribed to  Identification Service of RedIRIS (SIR). Podes consultar as of this Identification Service here.

User Accounts

The University of Vigo provides the university community with user accounts in the domain uvigo.es for all staff except students who have the domain alumnos.uvigo.es.

Accounts from these domains shall be administered by staff from Computer Services and public data of users (e-mail, name, department, webpage) shall be published in the e-mail users directory save when the user states that he/she does not wish to be included on the same.

A user account may be requested by filling out an e-mail application form.

User accounts are subject to compliance of rules for using the service, which are published on the webpage of the ATIC under section rules.

User accounts have the following characteristics:

  • Outgoing server:  correo.uvigo.es
  • Secure outgoing server:  smtp.uvigo.es
  • POP3 Server:  correo.uvigo.es
  • IMAP server:  correo.uvigo.es
  • e-mail list service
  • Forwarding e-mails 
  • Automatic replies to incoming e-mails (holidays)
  • Limiting size of messages: slightly over 7 MB
  • Sending bigger files by e-mail is not the best means of doing so. One can use the "File Transfer" option, which can be accessed from  Internet e-mail access. With this option, we can:
    • send files up to 80Mb to three users, and addressees will only receive just the one link.
    • send up to 80Mb files outside the University of Vigo
    • Non-authenticated users can only send up to 20 Mb files to just one addressee at the University of Vigo.

Users can change their password, forward e-mails to another account, or change other characteristics from Webmail.

User accounts shall have a limited validity, which will depend on type of account, so that unused accounts can easily be identified because user is no longer linked to the University of Vigo.

When a user account is about to expire (one month prior to expiry) a message shall be sent to the user informing him/her of steps to be taken. Such communication shall be sent weekly to all users whose accounts will expire in 30 days. They can then opt for renewing their accounts by sending in a renewal application.

Student's accounts shall be valid during the period they are enrolled at the University of Vigo, and shall be valid until March of the year after their last enrolment.

Upon expiry of account, one has a 4 month period to renew it. If renewal is not done, then such account will be eliminated together with data of the person.

If users had webpage's posted on the UVigo site then they will not be able to update their webpages although these can still be viewed since such user would continue to exist. These will be eliminated if the user no longer exists or if there are motives to think that they are not being used.

Disk Space

Disk space available for hosting e-mail accounts and Webpages is limited.

  • Webpage space:  100MB (only for University of Vigo staff)
  • E-mail:  2GB

Back-up Copies

At least one copy of back-up will be done per week of all users data (e-mail account, IMAP files and Webpages posted on webs.uvigo.es). There is no guarantee of daily copying of data, and weekly copies shall be kept for a period of maximum 6 months.

Petition to recover data for an account should be sent to user attention service. Such petitions will be forwarded to the user attention service, who will be the one who supervises recovery of such data.

E-mail Lists

There are a series of e-mail lists that can be used as a debating forum on various issues. More information on e-mail lists and how to use them can be found at the ATIC webpage. In certain cases, such lists are not limited to University of Vigo users.

Upon creation of a user, he/she automatically gets included on the e-mail list inforede@uvigo.es.

There are other general lists that the user can access from the e-mail list server  http://listas.uvigo.es, such as:

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