International Relations Office (ORI)

The International Relations Office (ORI) centralises, coordinates and manages international cooperation activities within the University of Vigo, and carries out the following activities, amongst others:

  • Information and advice to the University community about the several international programs within the scope of higher education, especially UVigo own programs and those financed by the European Union or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Spanish International Cooperation Agency, with special attention to Europe, Latin America and the U.S.A.
  • Promotion and management of student and teacher mobility, especially within the framework of programs such as Socrates, ISEP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships and University of Vigo programs.

    Students from the University of Vigo can opt to do some of their studies in a foreign university from the second year onwards. The University, through its International Relations Office (ORI), has signed more than 200 Erasmus cooperation agreements with European universities thanks to which students can study from a minimum of three months to a full academic year at European universities. Such study period is recognised upon their return to the University of Vigo.

In the U.S.A., via the ISEP program, the ORI helps final year degree and postgraduate students to study a full year or a semester at an American university, where they can choose to study from about 90 US participating universities in a wide range of study programs.

The ORI informs about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) scholarships and handles pre-admission, acceptance and other issues related to foreign MAE scholars. University of Vigo students can apply for MAE scholarships via the internet. These include: summer course scholarships in foreign languages in host countries that receive official aid for development, postgraduate studies scholarships, Mutis scholarships for postgraduate studies in Latin America and cultural cooperation scholarships. The ORI also provides information about grants from the AECI (Spanish International Cooperation Agency) for foreign language assistants in universities abroad and other announcements of the AECI..

  • Regarding students from the University of Vigo, it provides information to the selected candidates from these programs, on documents to be submitted, on the amounts granted, possible complementary aids, as well as procedures to be followed with the destination universities. The ORI also handles scholarship payments and writes the corresponding reports requested by the institutions that fund such scholarships (EU, National Erasmus Agency, AECI, ISEP).
  • With respect to lecturers from the University of Vigo, the ORI provides information on teacher exchange programs and international cooperation programs. It provides technical and economic support during the entire process right from the time application is sent in to the time aid is granted. Additionally, it does a follow-up of activities, manages financial aspects and writes reports for the activities subsidised.
  • Support to foreign students and lecturers. With respect to foreign students, the ORI manages acceptance of foreign students, prepares the foreign student guide and sends the University of Vigo information packs, with information on the different campuses and cities, reception, visas, trips, search for accommodation, registration and other study options in cooperation with staff from the International Relations Office. The ORI is the reference point for foreign students arriving at the University of Vigo. It advises students, helps them to look for accommodation, organises activities and cultural visits. In as far as foreign teachers are concerned, the ORI provides information about the University of Vigo, helps with accommodation reservation in member hotels, arranges airport collection of students and teachers as well as of coordinators from foreign universities, in liaison with staff from each centre and the respective tutors.
  • Preparation and negotiation of international cooperation agreements. It promotes mobilisation of the academic community to participate in international cooperation, especially by presenting international cooperation projects and signing cooperation agreements (currently more than 400) with higher education institutions, through international institutional networks.
  • It guarantees the University of Vigo's presence at international education forums and meetings. The ORI actively participates in the principal international universities networks such as the Compostela Group of Universities, where it coordinates the administration and services staff exchange program and the EAIE (European Association for International Education) program.
  • In adition to preparing and negotiating international agreements, and promoting student and teacher mobility, the ORI also organises Spanish and Galician language courses and linguistics support and training courses for students and teachers of the University of Vigo, who participate in international exchange programs.
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