Assessment and protection

The fruits of the University of Vigo’s R&D teams need to be assessed and or protected for market implementation. Such results belong to the University of Vigo since they were developed by its staff within a labour framework within the institution.

There therefore arises a need not only to protect such results but also to carry out market and patent studies in order to assess them at their full value, thereby reducing the distance between development of results and their application in the market.

For enquiries about assessment and R&D results protection offer at the University of Vigo, kindly contact:

Oficina de I+D

Universidade de Vigo, campus de Vigo

Anexo edificio Xerencia, 1.º piso

As Lagoas, Marcosende s/n

36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)

Telephone: 34 986 812 236 



The OEPM offers an extensive and updated repertoire of national and international regulations on industrial property.

The Ministry of Culture offers a repertoire of national, regional, E.U. and international regulations on intellectual property rights.


This section describes the procedure for assessment and protection of research results. Assessment of research results aims at reducing time spent between development of an invention and its application in the market.


University of Vigo’s Industrial and Intellectual Property

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