As part of our work in an institution that plays a central role in cultural, economic and social development of a country, and which tries to be modern, whilst striving towards quality, higher excellence levels, and positively influence all strata of society, we constantly strive to establish progress dynamics in our quest for services that pose the following challenges:

  1. Be leaders to transmit social values (promoting equality, democracy and participation), and foster defence of environmental and ecological values, to protect health and safety and to spread attitudes and ethical behaviours with respect to compliance of rules by users and university suppliers of goods and services .
  2. Achieve greater user satisfaction by increasing participation in decision making and planning, and by facilitating value judgments and putting forward improvement proposals (suggestions, complaints, claims, etc.)
  3. Increase rationalisation, documentation and simplification of general economic management processes of the University in coordination with all sectors involved.

In this sense we undertake to:

  1. Respond to user demands through ongoing training and by implementing improvement techniques, and furthermore to provide them with management reports of results.
  2. Contribute to and promote incorporation of ICTs in the university and society in general, by improving accessibility and transparency of processes (to users and society in general).
  3. Achieve a greater coordination between university services, centres and units and boost cooperation with like administrations and with other institutions related to the university.
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